Crucial Fictions | A 'psychoanalysis' of Whit Strieber

While Lab repairs and facility upgrades continue, it is after a sudden mysterious  absence  Mr. Metcalfe flees from Chicago. Stay tuned, as SHOCKING news is released. Meanwhile enjoy the damned impressive  Crucial Fictions | re 'visiting' of whitley's thought process as he contemplates aliens, satanists childhood ritual abuse and .....?

Update: Crucial Fictions is amazing both as a 'web site' (or an experience, more accurately), as well as a process (documented and explained by The Author).
It has elicited applause, as well as some strangely clueless reactions from "pop culture experts" (whom we have never heard of).

Jason Horsley of Auticulture delves into the writings of Whitley Strieber as both wrestle with a past that may (or may not) involve contact with unknown intelligences and/or childhood (ritualistic?) abuse.

Unfamiliar to some it seems, 'psychohistories' often involve not only the writings of a subject such as, for example,  Martin Luther, as by the brilliant psychiatrist Erik Erickson , but also venture arduously (we think) into an attempted understanding of motivations and psyche (which Jason has clearly stated he does not attempt to do of strieber). Jason uses Strieber's public work as a lens to understand his own past. The journey into the past, a painful one we warn, makes the issue of aliens seem somehow moot

Maybe too much 'pop' culture reading leads to.....not understanding culture  pop or other(?)

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